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London Ghost Tours Calendar Dates– Award Winning Walking Tours with Lantern Ghost Tours

Award winning ghost tours and London’s most haunted locations. Learn dark tourism, paranormal activities and Jack the Ripper!

Check out our range of weekly tours to London’s most historic and haunted locations.  You can join any of our scheduled public tours or book your own private tour any date or time on request. Join the London Bridge Ghost Tour, Royal Maritime Greenwich Ghost Tour, Haunted London Pub Tour, Seven Deadly Sins Pub Tour, Sex Drugs Sausage Rolls, London’s only Jack the Ripper Ghost Tour and Paranormal Activity Tour.

Wednesday Tours

Haunted London Pub Tour

Discover the Professor of Profanity, the pub that helped Dr Johnson focus on the dictionary and Sweeney Todd's Barber Shop. There is also plenty of opportunity enroute to calm your nerves at London's first bank, a sawdust covered pub and a pub haunted by a handsome phantom. Includes a visit to 3 haunted, historic pubs.  


Thursday Tours

Sex Drugs Sausage Rolls Tour

The Naughty London tour is all about grime, debauched activities and down right filth! We LOVE all the nastiness and grossosity that London has created up over the last few decades. Our most famous and popular London walking tour is set around the Tudor era in the time of a fat, grumpy and corrupt King and his bishops. Those living south of the river Thames live in squalor and filth in what was the Las Vegas of it's day full of every single kind of vice you could ever want!

Seven Deadly Sins Tour

Indulge in a night of Sin. Visit debaucherous pubs homes to ladies of the night, pervy publicans, bodysnatchers, gin palaces and prisons. Discover an execution ground, market to sell unwanted wives and Scratching Fanny of Cock Lane.


Friday Tours

Paranormal Activity Tour

A paranormal investigation hunting for ghosts, poltergeists and strange encounters of the supernatural kind. Use Ouija boards, K2 Meters and Dowsing Rods to uncover the stories of murder, plague pits and the ghosts that linger.

Saturday tours

Haunted Maritime Greenwich Ghost Tour 

Explore hidden laneways, London's oldest park, the creepiest tunnel in the UK and Royal secrets. Includes a visit to Charles Dickens' favourite haunted pub.

London Bridge Ghost Tour

Journey back in time to London Bridge, the place law abiding citizens dare not visit. Discover the Bishop of Winchester's "Geese" providing horizontal entertainment in the various stew houses, hear of operations without anaesthetic in the World's oldest operating theatre and the ghosts that linger in England's oldest prison. Prostititue graveyards, sly grog haunts, bear baiting and cock fighting are just the beginning. Includes a visit to a 17th century pub haunted by a canine ghost.

Daily tours 

Private Tours

Private Tours are for group of 1-10 people. ALL tours are possible to book as private, which can be taken at any date and any time. Get your group of friends together and be a ghost hunter for a day!

Jack the Ripper Ghost Tour

Discover the infamous Whitechapel Files, "Bedlam" Lunatic Asylum, the Inspiration for Charles Dicken's Great Expectations, haunted train stations and the many ghosts that linger. Explore the Ripper suspects including Authors, Artists, Royalty, Butchers, Barbers, Surgeons and Midwives.

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